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Don’t Wait For Your Doctor To Tell You To Exercise}

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Don’t Wait for Your Doctor to Tell You to Exercise


Linda Geyer

An issue of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, a national survey showed that only 28% of all physicians advise patients to become more physically active. Ask anyone who is physically active, and they will tell you exercise gives them an overall positive feeling of well being. People feel better when they exercise, sleep better and have fewer aches and pains.

In a national research, sponsored by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and National Institutes of Health (NIH), 1,800 adults were interviewed. Their doctors suggested they make a lifestyle change, but only 28% of the participants said their physicians had recommended that they become more active. And only 11% of the MDs had offered advice or further assistance to help their patients on an exercise program. Those patients who received both the suggestion and follow-up support from the doctors were 80% more likely to meet the basic physical activity requirements than those who didn’t. The basic physical activity requirement is 30 minutes of moderate-intensity activity, five times a week.

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Let’s be honest. Doctors are busy people. Many doctors themselves don’t exercise. So how can we expect them to tell us to do something they don’t do. That’s why Americans have to turn to exercise experts and personal trainers. We really don’t need our doctors to tell us to exercise, do we? You would have to be pretty blind to not know about the health related benefits of exercise. Exercise education is all around us. We can either choose to ignore these messages or take action and get off our couches and exercise.

I believe many people don’t exercise because they don’t know how or are intimidated by the large health club scenes. Seniors, overweight people and new exercisers are confused with all the equipment, don’t appreciate the loud music and noise, and are uncomfortable exercising among the younger people. That’s where small personal training studios are beneficial. A personal trainer’s job is to teach their client how to exercise. The trainer should first have a complete understanding of the client’s goals, physical strengths and limitations, past and present injury history and proper medical history. Then after designing a program for the specific needs and goals, they teach proper form and technique, safety in the gym, how to properly adjust equipment, explain how to focus on the right muscle for a given exercise, make recommendations for cardiovascular exercise, strength or resistance training, flexibility conditioning, and help the client make positive lifestyle changes. If you have any special medical condition, your personal trainer should contact your doctor.

If only, the most sedentary person who is obese started to exercise, they would feel better in just 7 to 10 days. For a sedentary, obese person to start an exercise program, they should first check with their doctor on any precautions to exercise. Starting with a 10 minute walk per day and gradually increasing the time and intensity is the beginning of a more active lifestyle and a healthier new you. For more information and tips on exercise, go to

Linda Geyer, entrepreneur, speaker and author has spent her entire career in health related businesses helping clients and audiences make health a priority. She is Founder and CEO of Vitality Management and owner of Peak Physique Fitness Training in Michigan. Linda inspires, motivates and educates on health prevention through exercise, healthy eating and positive attitude. For FREE tips go to http://www.easyexercisetips.comTo contact Linda, email

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Do You Know Natural Treatment For Semen And Urine Leakage?}

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Do You Know Natural Treatment for Semen and Urine Leakage?


Peter Filinovich

Semen and urine leakage can have many causes and can be very embarrassing for a man. Urine leakage is also known as incontinence and it is often accompanied by leaking semen also. Urine leakage is not something that needs to bother you for your entire life. More than that, it requires immediate treatment in order not to get worse. Many men are looking for a natural treatment for urine and semen leakage. People seem to finally understand that Mother Nature is the most powerful doctor and that natural remedies are safer than chemical based drugs.

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Natural treatment for urine and semen leakage is available in form of herbal supplements. Those based on ayurvedic herbs are very efficient and “repair” your urinary tract and reproductive system without any other consequence. Herbal supplements strengthen the parasympathetic nerve, which plays an important part in ejaculation. A good herbal supplement is supposed to have anti-ageing effects and not only to solve your problem of semen and urine leakage, but also to increase your libido, your lovemaking abilities and your sexual power. Fertility is a big issue for men who experience semen leakage and natural treatments should also focus on increasing fertility, by improving the semen count and motility. Natural treatment for semen and urine leakage often addresses other problems that men might face such as nightfall, premature ejaculation or testosterone imbalance.

In order to cure semen and urine leakage naturally you need to take a course of herbal supplements such as NF Cure capsule and Shilajit and to also understand that there are factors in your lifestyle that can enhance their action or prevent them from having positive effects. It was noticed that men who smoke, use recreational drugs or consume alcohol frequently and in large quantities are prone to suffering of semen and urine leakage. Cutting down those habits is necessary for herbal supplements to do their job. Sedentary people are also predisposed to such problems. Constant physical activity is good for a variety of reasons, not only for the health of the genital and urinary organs. There are special exercises known as kegel exercises for men which also help if they are practiced on a regular basis.

Semen and urine leakage are in many cases caused by over masturbation. Ending this practice is not only recommended, but necessary. Over masturbation is responsible for the weakening of the parasympathetic nerve, the one that herbal supplements have to strengthen back. In other men urine and semen leakage might be the result of a genital or urinary infection or of prolonged use of steroids. In such a case treating the infection and not taking the steroids anymore should be combined with the natural treatment for semen and urine leakage.

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Do You Know Natural Treatment for Semen and Urine Leakage?