Low Cost Internet Business Start Up Ideas For Those Serious About Making Money Online

By John Benjamin.O

Many people searching the internet for a home business are looking for free or low cost internet business start up ideas. Begining an internet business is certainly possible for those on a tight budget with very little income at their disposal.

Free home business ideas abound on the internet and it is just a matter of carrying out some good investigation to find the low cost or free methods of getting started, obtaining your products to market and then applying the free internet marketing strategies that work.

If one is ready to put in the work an internet business can be started and become lucrative without spending much cash at all. It is also not essential to spend cash to search for information on the internet. It only requires time searching for websites, forums and articles that contain the information you need.

1. What you need to get started

First a hosting company to host your new e-commerce website is very essential and not something you want to skimp on. So a free hosting is not in anyway ideal.

Setting up an auto-responder is something that is really necessary to help you grab the email addresses of the prospective visitors to your website who subscribe to your business newsletter. Auto-responders can be set-up free or on a monthly charge.

There are free templates available online to assist you to start creating a website and also free e-books on search engine optimization which will teach you how to properly optimize your website with your selected keywords.

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If you do not know anything about html or where to begin when it comes to creating a websites, you could always launch a blog. You can start blogging for virtually free at google’s blogger.

2. Products or Services

There are many free affiliate programs that you can sign up for and start selling their products on your website. Usually if you upgrade your account you will be paid a larger commission as well as get paid for refering other people to the program. While you are building momentum to your website it in not advisable to upgrade until the income starts rolling in.

Clickbank alone has thousands of products to pick from that you can start marketing without having to pay out a single dime.

The lead generation affiliate programs, which cost nothing to sign up, offers a wide variety of opportunities that you can promote and they pay you a few amount of dollars for leads generated from the links you have placed on your website.

3. Promoting Your Website

Many of the most common and effective internet marketing strategies are completely free.

Forum is one good marketing medium, posting on a well known forum is a great way to get yourself known. You can include a link to your website or blog in your signature file which is a good method of advertising as well as building backlinks to your site fast.

Blogging is free it only takes time like most of the other internet marketing strategy. Aim to include a comment to your own blog regularly and comment on posts on other blogs too.

Submitting your website to the online directories is free and if you are ready to do it manually. There are thousand of directories online and you just need to aim to submit to 10 a day.

Article writing is a very effective way of marketing online and again if you are ready to write your own articles and submit them manually to the article directories yourself it will not cost anything.

Social Networking is also free and a great method of driving targeted traffic to your website. A good example of these is twitter and facebook.

4. Getting started

If you are thinking of starting a business and have very little money to spend one can see from the above internet business ideas that it is completely possible to start, market and create a profitable home business on the internet without having to dig deep into your pocket every month.

However there is a company called the ‘Plug In Profit Site’ that does all of the above mention for FREE. It builds a FREE e-commerce website, plus a 400 day pre-written auto responder, shows you how to intergrate your blog and also provides a comprehensive internet marketing methods that even newbies can use to create wealth on the internet. For more information hit my resource box.

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Leading luxury businesses to form a joint venture

Tuesday, March 6, 2007 

Richemont and Polo Ralph Lauren decided to join their skills and rich experience in order to form a joint venture, the name of which is Polo Ralph Lauren Watch and Jewelry Company, S.A.R.L. The representatives of the global luxury business decided to unite their efforts in order to develop luxury timepieces and fine jewelry items.

After the new products are manufactured, they will be distributed through Ralph Lauren boutiques and independent retailers of jewelery items and luxury timepieces. The first jointly developed products are to appear in the fall of the following year.

Richemont and Polo Ralph Lauren will equally share 50 percent of the new joint venture. The partners hope for long-term cooperation. The union will be a completely new experience for both Richemont, which has never cooperated with a luxury fashion designer before, and Polo Ralph Lauren, which, until the present day, has not maintained any links with the precious jewelry and luxury watch businesses.

Ralph Lauren, holding the post of Polo Ralph Lauren’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer , believes that the company’s experience in the area of designing and marketing luxury lifestyle products will blend with Richemont’s experience on a global scale.

Johann Rupert, owning the position of Richemont’s Executive Chairman counts on Ralph Lauren’s reputation and image based upon distinctive taste, style and attention to detail. He hopes that the newly formed joint venture will benefit from these factors, as well Richemont’s expertise in the area of jewelry and watches.



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Vivien Goldman: An interview with the Punk Professor

Wednesday, October 3, 2007 

Vivien Goldman recalls with a laugh the day in 1984 when she saw her death, but the laugh fades as she becomes lost in the memory. She was in Nigeria staying in Fela Kuti’s home; she had just arrived hours before and found people sleeping everywhere like house cats when Muhammadu Buhari’s army showed up to haul everyone to jail. Kuti was an opponent of the government who was in jail, and they came to arrest his coterie of supporters. They grabbed Goldman and were about to throw her in a truck until Pascal Imbert, Kuti’s manager, yelled out, “Leave her alone. She just arrived from Paris! She’s my wife! She knows nothing!

Goldman stops for a moment and then smiles plainly. “They thought I was just some stupid woman…. That time sexism worked in my favor.”

Vivien Goldman has become a living, teaching testimony of the golden era of punk and reggae. She is an adjunct professor at New York University who has taught courses on the music scene she was thrust in the middle of as a young public relations representative for Island Records. She writes a column for the BBC called “Ask the Punk Professor” where she extols the wisdom she gained as a confidant of Bob Marley; as the person who first put Flava Flav in video; as Chrissie Hynde’s former roommate; as the woman who worked with the The Clash, Sex Pistols, The Slits and The Raincoats.

As Wikinews reporter David Shankbone found out, Goldman is one of those individuals that when you sit in her presence you realize she simply can not tell you everything she knows or has seen, either to protect the living or to respect the dead.

DS: The first biography of Bob Marley, Soul Rebel, Natural Mystic, was written by you based upon your personal experiences with him, and you have recently written a book about Marley called The Book of Exodus. How difficult is it to continue to mine his life? Is it difficult to come up with new angles?

DS: You were there with Marley through that time when he really caught on; was it obvious to you then that there was something amazing and unique happening?

DS: Warhol’s Factory photographer, Billy Name, once told me he knew that what was going on was amazing, but he never thought Warhol would become the entire fabric of the art world as he is now.

DS: But Marley has become a fabric of sorts…

DS: How do you define punk?

DS: What is the commodified version of punk selling?

DS: That aesthetic is everywhere, as though if one spikes his hair he is punk.

DS: Your philosophy is that punk is not just musical, but also an aesthetic. That it can imbibe anything; that it stands for change and for changing a system. Let me give you a few names, and you to tell me how you think they are or are not punk. Britney Spears.

DS: Dick Cheney.

DS: Kanye West.

DS: Osama bin Laden.

DS: Is the definition of punk relative, then? He’s a Madrasah punk but not a Manhattan punk?

DS: Pete Doherty.

DS: If punk is about change, then why the maudlin sentimentality over the closing of CBGB’s, which at times turned into demonizing a homeless shelter?

DS: I felt it was what it was at a certain moment, but it wasn’t that anymore. They were charging eight dollars for a beer. That’s not very punk, and that wasn’t attracting the punk crowds. It was like people who move to the Bowery because they think it’s so edgy but it’s really a boulevard of glittering condos.

DS: Where do you think New York’s culture is going? There are so few places on Earth with such a large concentration of creatives who meet and influence each other, but the city is becoming less affordable and cleansed of any grit. Is there a place for punk in the Manhattan of the future?

DS: You’re friends with Flava Flav, right?

DS: At the time he wasn’t known?

DS: Do you think apathy is a problem today?

DS: What about G. G. Allin? He used to defecate on the stage to make a point.

DS: Well, he’s dead. Do you think people are afraid to speak out today?

DS: Is violence for the cause of social change punk?

DS: Sandra Bernhard once did an homage to what she called the Big-Tittied Bitches of Rock n’ Roll: Heart, Joan Jett, Stevie Nicks. She mourned that there were no big-tittied bitches left. Who are the big-tittied bitches of Rock n’ Roll today?

DS: Do you have moments of extreme self-doubt where you wonder if anything you do matters to anyone?

DS: You have worked for two corporations that are seen by many as the least punk in their respective communities, the BBC and NYU. How does one remain punk in such environments?

DS: Have you ever been in a situation where you feared for your life, where you thought, this may be the way I go?

DS: What happened to him in the secret jail?

DS: In Jamaica there was so much violence during the civil war.


Difference Between Tort Battery And Personal Injury

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By Adriana Noton N.

When it comes to personal injury, there are a lot of terms and phrases that can be confusing if you are not knowledgeable about the law. Two such terms that can be confusing are tort battery and personal injury. If you have suffered an injury that you believe requires holding someone accountable, it is important to understand these terms so you know what steps to take to hold that person(s) or entity accountable.

Personal Injury

Personal injury law is an area of the law that focuses on acts that cause harm to another or there is a failure to act to prevent harm. The result is negligence for the cause of the injury. If you have suffered an injury as the result of the negligence of another, you have the legal right to seek compensation for your injuries, whether it is physical injuries, emotional/psychological injuries, or both.

YouTube Preview Image

Personal injury is actually a civil wrongdoing. The negligent party either created the situation that resulted in the injury or failed to make a situation safe to prevent an injury from occurring. There are various areas of personal injury law which include: medical malpractice, defective products, slip and fall, motor vehicle accidents, workplace injuries, and specific types of injuries such as a brain injury. For instance, personal injury regarding a slip and fall can be a person slipping on a wet floor in a mall because there were no signs warning of the wet floor. Basically, personal injury involves an injury that was not intentionally directed at an individual, but there were external factors that caused the injury which was caused by another’s actions or inactions.

Tort Battery

Tort Battery involves one person purposely taking an action or actions to harm another person. It is intended wrongdoing for the purpose of causing another person physical, psychological, or emotional harm. Examples include assault, sexual assault, shooting a person, running over someone purposely with a car, etc. Tort battery involves criminal acts which fall under criminal law in which a person faces charges for their alleged criminal offense. Personal injury and tort battery can sometimes entwined. For instance, a person who is severely beaten can sue someone for compensation for their injuries when the person is found guilty. Even if someone is found not guilty, they can still be sued in civil court.

Lawyers Role

Personal injury lawyers represent personal injury victims. For instance, car accident personal injury lawyers specialize in representing victims of car accidents where there is a person that is believed to be negligent in causing the accident. Tort battery cases involve criminal defense lawyers who represent clients charged with a crime.

When involve in a personal injury lawsuit, it is important that the right lawyer represents you. A personal injury lawyer is the right choice. These lawyers specialize in personal injury law with some specializing further in one particular area such as car accident lawyers. Personal injury lawyers seek the compensation their clients deserve for the injuries sustained which is a form of accountability.

About the Author:

Accident Lawyer Toronto

have been fighting for clients’ rights since 1979, there are no fees until you receive compensation. Capp Shupak 2 St Clair Avenue West, Toronto, ON M4V 1L5 (416) 944-2313



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Italy will give Libya US$5 billion as compensation for occupation

Sunday, August 31, 2008 

The government of Italy has agreed to pay Libya US$5 billion as compensation for its occupation of the country from 1911 to 1943. The agreement was reached between the Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, and Baghdadi Mahmudi, Berlusconi’s Libyan counterpart.

“It is a material and emotional recognition of the mistakes that our country has done to yours during the colonial era,” said Berlusconi after arriving in Libya. “This agreement opens the path to further cooperation.”

“The accord will provide for $200 million a year over the next 25 years through investments in infrastructure projects in Libya,” Berlusconi continued. “It is my duty, as a head of government, to express to you in the name of the Italian people our regret and apologies for the deep wounds that we have caused you.”

In return for providing compensation, Italy has asked that Libya attempts to reduce the number of immigrants illegally moving from Libya to Italy.

As a result of the deal, the Libyan government has named August 30 “Libyan-Italian Friendship Day”.

The deal has also made some people ask if the United Kingdom should provide compensation to Nigeria for it’s colonisation of the country.

Dr. Eyimofe Atake from the Senior Advocate of Nigeria commented on this issue: “To be able to answer that question, one needs to know exactly why compensation was paid and the circumstances in which compensation was paid. One needs to know the fact of the case between the Italians and the Libyans and how the issue for the payment of compensation arose. No two cases are necessarily similar, so in the absence of the facts and circumstances that led to the payment of compensation, it will be totally speculative to say if Nigeria could ask for compensation or be paid compensation by Britain.”

“In any event, under international law, Britain and Italy are separate and distinct states. They are sovereign states. Consequently, the British government is not bound by the acts of the Italian government. The decision of the Italian government is personal to them based on their peculiar circumstance and facts, which have nothing to do with the British government and the Nigerian government,” Atake continued.


Zimbabwean footballer Adam Ndlovu dies in car accident aged 42

Sunday, December 16, 2012 

Former Zimbabwean professional footballer Adam Ndlovu has died in a car accident that also left his brother critically injured. Adam and his brother Peter, also a former professional footballer, were in the accident after failure of a tire on the BMW X5 Adam was reportedly driving. Reports also suggest an unidentified female passenger may have died in the accident.

George Bhebhe, a friend of Adam, spoke to The Zimbabwean about the circumstances of the accident. He said “Adam died early this morning when their vehicle veered off the road after a tyre burst and hit a tree 20 km from Victoria Falls. He died on arrival at hospital. Peter is in critical condition and he is at Victoria Falls hospital in Intensive Care Unit. But arrangements still being made to transfer from there to a hospital in Bulawayo or Harare”.

Both Adam and Peter played for the Zimbabwe national football team and Peter is their all time top goalscorer. During his career Peter played in the English Premier League and played for Coventry, Sheffield United, Birmingham, and Huddersfield. Sheffield United tweeted “Our thoughts are with former player Peter Ndlovu, who has been critically injured in a car accident in his native Zimbabwe. #sufc”

Adam formerly played for the Zimbabwean team Highlanders and at the time of his death coached Zimbabwe Premier League team Chicken Inn, based in Bulawayo.


Comments:Female lawyers to be granted court access in Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia

its progress.–KDP3 (talk) 00:11, 24 February 2010 (UTC)

I do wonder how they made it work under Sharia law?

I’m assuming it does comply with Sharia law, as they are restricted to representing women in specialized courts (i.e. no contact with men).

It’s very telling that this is actually considered news.


Solemnize Your Relationships With Exclusive Diamond Engagement Rings

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Solemnize your Relationships with Exclusive Diamond Engagement Rings


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Special moments of life need to be celebrated in a significant manner so that it stays in the memory for a longer period to cherish all the life. Engagement is one such such great moment of life that every couple wants to celebrate in the most distinctive and significant manner. The couple put their great effort in making their engagement an affair to remember. Right from the engagement dress to jewelry to accessory, the couple wants everything to be perfect for their engagement. But the most vital engagement accessory is the engagement ring that needs to be perfect to create an everlasting impression on the spouse. Among the different style and variety of engagement rings, diamond engagement ring is the most preferred, as diamond is the best medium through which one can express their true love and emotions.

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Since ages diamond is considered as the symbol of true love and people have often taken the help of diamond to express their love as well as to impress their partner. Due to the features and characteristics of diamond, this precious stone is always chosen to be studded in the engagement ring to reflect the durability and elegance of the relationship just like the diamond. There are array of designs and styles of diamond rings available in the market to cater the choice of most of the people. Every design of engagement ring has its own characteristics and one need to evaluate these characteristics in order to select a perfect ring for their brides-to-be.

Diamond engagement rings can be crafted out of various metals that can bear the diamond toughness and hardness. Yellow gold is the most preferred metal for the diamond engagement rings but white gold and platinum are also very sought after. Couples who are interested in unique and unusual metal can also think of titanium and tungsten metal for making the diamond engagement rings. Titanium and tungsten diamond engagement ring is mostly preferred for the making of men engagement ring due to their strength and durability. Setting of the diamond engagement ring is also quite important while selecting a perfect ring. Tension and tiffany are some of the bold and distinctive settings and bezels and channels are more subdued and discreet setting. Diamond engagement rings will certainly be the ideal way of performing this eternal rituals.

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Diamonds: Anglo American to pay US$5.1 billion for 40% of De Beers

Friday, November 4, 2011 

Anglo American PLC has negotiated a price of US$5.1 billion to buy 40% of diamond giant De Beers from the Oppenheimer family. Anglo’s stake will jump from 45% to either 75% or 85%; the Botswanan government has an option to increase its own stake.

“This has been a momentous and difficult decision as my family has been in the diamond industry for more than 100 years and part of De Beers for over 80 years,” said De Beers chairman Nicky Oppenheimer. The Oppenheimers are selling their entire remaining stake in the company they took over in the 1920s. They retain 2% of Anglo, founded in 1917 by Sir Ernest Oppenheimer. Until Nicky’s resignation this year Anglo’s board has always featured an Oppenheimer.

As-of June De Beers assets totalled US$8.2 billion with US$1.2 billion pre-tax profit over the prior six months, compared to a US$863 million pre-tax profit last year. The firm owns two Canadian mines and one in South Africa, along with joint ownership with Botswana in two of the world’s biggest diamond mines.

Part of the sale deal promises the Oppenheimers will be given part of any value increase if the firm is floated within two years. Nonetheless, Anglo CEO Cynthia Carroll denied this means a flotation is planned. She also said there is no connection between the purchase, which is set to be finalised next year, and Chilean state-owned copper firm Coldeco’s recent major purchase of 49% of various Anglo property. The Oppenheimers receive 20% of any price increase if a float occurs within a year, and 10% if one happens the year after.